Sunday, May 16, 2010

Metal legend Ronni James Dio R.I.P

He's been fighting stomach cancer the last few years. This is a huge loss in the metal community. Dio was a trail blazer and was known for his power house vocals. Dio took metal back to a medieval era, with swords, dragons, magic and operatic story telling and vocals. He's best known for associating the metal horns with metal music, back when he was with Heaven and Hell. Music is a huge and vital part in my life. I live and breath musically for Heavy Metal. I learned alot from listening to this music and will always have tremendous respect and admiration for it. It's a huge loss, but that is life, and I think Dio knew that more than anyone. Now, he's probably signing vocals and fronting the greatest band in the universe with dimebag, hendrix, Pual Bonum, Jim Morison and all the other greats that have transitioned to the next life. One day I'll be front row to see the greatest concert of all time.