Sunday, May 02, 2010

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

What if you had the power to do more ? If you could stop the suffering of countless others with a single sacrifice of yourself, would you take it ? Could you ? Do you think you're that strong enough to do it ? Could you handle everything that would come before and after ? The mixing of fear and anticipation combined with excitement and compassion. Could you carry a mountain of DREAMs ? These thoughts have crossed my mind before, on several occasions actually. This sense of superhero-ism that I romanticize because that's the kind of world I live in.

A world in which the people in my life never inspired me to take action the way comic books and fictional characters do. I live my life through superhero analogies. It's how I break down and understand the world around me. Which is why I was never one for religion. Over time I have come to understand and accept that there are forces beyond my understanding guiding and protecting not only me and my family, but the people around me as well. I have tried to search for those higher powers that go under different names by different people, but it lead me to understand that my life, the way I live it and the way it is guided falls more under the Buddhism tree.I live my life by their teachings, whether I knew it or not and I'm more receptive and understanding through it.

But,I also understand that when you pray, we focus our energy one a rod if you will. A vessel or transmitter that will help get our energies delivered to our intended recipients. That's why I like to use the Virgin Mary as my transmitter, if you will. I grew up with it, as a Latino, she watches over all immigrants and it's instilled in me, what can I say. I'm not gonna fight it, so I go with it. I light a candle last night(5-2-2010) because it's something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I drew a fist and wrote "Dream Act" on the candle, along with a personal message intended to direct my prayers and energy to "Los Four." They are going to need it in the weeks and months to come. So I'm going to keep going to Placita Olvera, praying and directing my energy toward them every week/everyday when I go light another candle for them. They do what they do so no one else will ever have to go through it.

I encourage all of you to do the same. Please send your energy to "Los Four." Superheroes if I ever saw any. Guess this is my way of coping with things as well. History will forever repeat itself. It's how we all come full circle. And now it's time for THIS circle to close off and be completed. One way or another. Tonantzin, quida a "Los Four" en la journey que van a tomar. Quidalos/as a ellos/as y sus familias. Ahora mas que nunca. Gracias.