Saturday, May 08, 2010

Your name is Toby

I believe it was Mr. Steve-O from Jackass that once said that even though the stunts he does do hurt, he can't imagine the what kind of pain and damage other people do to their souls going to a job they hate and/or can't stand. Ditto. As I made my way to my job this morning I couldn't stop thinking about what I did all week. Going to school, meetings, planning events etc. To cheer myself up, I saw Iron Man 2 at midnight and the next day I saw the play, "A Bengal Tiger in the Baghdad Zoo." An amazing play that I highly recommend to any that is in L.A. or will be in a city that will be playing it near them. I can't say enough about how amazing it was.

At my job, I think a lot. I think about the people I see there, my co-workers and things I have to do. Today I spent the entire day taking peoples orders and scrubbing floors. I also contemplate there a lot because of all the contradictions I see within myself, within others and the world around me. As I was riding my bike home, I saw the guys that drive around in a truck cleaning the trash cans on side walks. One of the guys finds a pair of women's panties, smells them and then wears them on his head, laughing with his co-worker. I laugh out loud and they notice. Funny stuff.

I realized today that when I'm at work, I feel like a tiger, trapped in a zoo. In the wild, bengal tigers are solitary animals that eat weaker, sick and older animals. They roam the jungles, with no worries or cares in the world. In a zoo however, they are humiliated on a daily basis. They are trapped in a cage that is nothing compared to the jungles they called home. They are no longer able to hunt as they did once before. Mearly fed scraps and bits to entertain on lookers who happen to be there for lunch time. A stranger in a strange land. In a constant state of anger, annoyance and bitter frustration. Ready to rip a new one into what ever or whoever gets in his way. Wild animals can never be tamed, their spirits never broken. You can only keep a caged tiger in captivity before he rips your face off, eats your heart and escapes back in to the wild of the urban jungle. Till that day comes, they tiger patiently waits for their moment to come.