Thursday, July 14, 2011

Driving While Random

This is one of many post thatwas coming, me finally learning how to
drive at 26 yrs old. It's funny to find myself doing every day things
like flying and driving in my 20's rather than my teens, which is when
most folks do these things. But nothing motivates one to do something
they put off for years like necessity. Cause I have to drive for a
job, lame but it needs to be done. Also, I told myself I would drive
by the endof the year, so boo yaa

As for the experience itself ? Well I wasn't scared or too nervous
about it. I'm comfertable in cars and always payed attention to
drivers when in the front seat, but doing is different that seeing. It
took me a bit to get use to it, feeling out the gas and brakes so as
to not make sudden stops and starts. I had to be on my toes for
everything around me, using the mirrows, except the rear view mirrow.

I drove around a parking lot going in turns and I loved it. This ...
sense of "hey look at me !! I'm a motorist !!" reminds me of the
Simpsons ep. when Mr. Burns had to learn to drive after Homer punched
him out. I didn't hurt anyone though or hit anything. Yay !!!

I did drive on the streets for a while until it got too crazy and I
was like, "umm let's switch now." It had the help of an amazing person
the whole time and they were very mindful of not freaking me out with
"stop" or "turn here" yells. Even though I scarred her a few times.

Hell at one point, sublime came on the radio and as I was singing
along, the sun setting ahead of us, nothing existed for those moments.
Just us in the car singing and taking in the moment. I still need tons
of practice until I'm ready to go on the streets let alone the freeway.

If it's one thing about the movement, we all share and transfer skills
with each other. Whether it's writing a paper, finding scholarships of
learning to drive, we all look out for each other like that because we
have our own ways of doing things. We know what's going through our
minds and the fear that comes with new experiences. Plus we make it
fun along the way too

~ con safos ~