Sunday, July 31, 2011


For lack of imagination, I find myself constantly thinking of things.
Like anyone else, questions of life, the past, present, and future
come up. What the day, week or month will bring. Sometimes even trying
to figure out everyday things, like how to pull out a wedgy in public
without it being noticable.

But I also find myself thinking of undocumented theory. Analyzing
situations, events and issues in the movement, our life styles and
what any of that means. Everything from mixed status relationships to
working dynamics with people I could give two shits about. It's all
stuff that is always bouncing around in ma' head.

But once in a while, I stop to smell the roses. I admire the everyday
asthetics and ignore everything else going on, even if it's just for a
minute. I do this on bike and train rides a lot. To ignore the worlds
suffering for a brief moment. To ignore my own suffrage as well. But
even then, when my thoughs turn to happyness, reality sinks in again.
Time to deal with the world again.

~ con safos ~