Monday, January 09, 2012

Healthy Bike Riding

I got a new bike. You can't tell, but I'm smiling, a lot. I've been riding my bike to school everyday, 8 miles back & forth, and I needed to make sure I had something that was comfortable. My other bike, which is behind the yellow one, is a mountain bike. If you look at the frames, size and handle bars, there's a HUGE diference that will make my booty that less sore. Seriously though, I've been having issues with soreness and rashes because the mountain bike is just way too uncomfortable. It got to the point that after 3 or so days I couldn't ride it anymore. Yeah, not cool.

So, with some money I got back, I invested in getting a bike that's more my size, comfy and reliable. Good thing I know the spots to buy used bikes. The yet to be named yellow road bike is pretty solid. Has a lot of the original parts and the hand brakes, which I love. Very much like the red road bike I had stolen last year. I ran it through its paces today by taking it to school and I made notes of things that need to be tweaked or replaces. I'll be visiting a bike co-op soon enough to adjust the parts I don't have tools for. I'm excited though, no more rashes on my gooch !!