Sunday, January 22, 2012

Love Defined As ....

I'm not exactly sure what to call it, but I had an epiphany from a memory of a movie that I watched. Does that even make sense? Point is, that the movie lead me to question what defines love and partnerships. That sometimes things are a lot more simpler than one fails to realize and that the values we put on certain things are inherently fallacious because our point of view is askew.

I know for myself, it's too easy and frequent in which I get stuck in my bubble, and as such I lack vibrant stimulation that can help me grow as an individual and open myself up to new views, emotions and realizations. But when I do experience something new, it's like a splash of cold water to my face. Refreshing and lifting at the same time.

As such, I find myself redefining how I approach and see relationships, both for myself and from others. Slowly but surely realizing that love is beyond pre-assigned definitions and limitations that society and others have put on. Sad to say that I never questioned or challenged any of those ideas and feelings until now. And I'm starting to realize that love is truly a powerful force that can transcend the cosmos. It's beyond the interpretation of institutions, individuals and the need for validation of anyone except the two individuals sharing those emotions with each other.

Is marriage really only defined by a man and a woman? Their sexuality ? Love for each other ? It's things like that can be misinterpreted by the wrong person who isn't open or welcoming of redefining what love or even marriage means, that can cause bumps in the road. [that's why I used a picture of Ganesh, so he can help clear those bumps and bless new beginnings] I mean, what if I was to get married with someone I love, who just happens to be a woman, but we don't have sexual feelings for each other ? Yet the love we share for each other is real? Does that mean we're not really married, even though we wanna spend the rest of our lives together ? I'm sure there are people out there who'll say no, but then again their opinions don't matter do they.