Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The 6 year plan at East Los Angeles College

What can I say about East Los Angeles College that hasn't already been said in Chicano/a pop culture. Everyone from Culture Clash to anyone in the hood knows about ELAC. In fact, most folks have gone through there. I myself have been there for six years now, four years too many considering it's a community college. 

But hey, considering how I never planned on going to college in the first place, I enrolled on whim and have been sticking too it all this time says something. At this point, I only need 3 more classes to meet the requirements for transferring to another school. Initially, I had a whole list of things I was going to write about on how I've been at a community college for six years, but life just happens. 

What matters is that I'm still in school and chipping away at it one way or another. While I loath that all the classes I need now involve regurgitating useless information, it has to be done. One way or another, it will get done. Then I'll have another six more years to finish the other two years at whatever ever school I end up in. Kidding, only kidding. 

I personally enjoy school, learning and growing as an individual. Taking in knowledge, sharing it with others and putting it to use. I can never get enough of it. The only times I've struggled in school were when the class was boring to me. In those classes, I could care less what grade I got, so long as I passed. It's still like that sometimes, but I do what I can to make the best of it. All the while I'll still be doing the activist thing. 

During the holiday break, I couldn't stand not having anything to do. There were things to be done, there always will be, but it's only when I have some sort of pressure added that I get a movin'. I like having multiple things going on in my life. It means I spend less time thinking about things I shouldn't be thinking about. Which is why I've stayed in school for so long, now that I think of it. But that's another story to write out.