Saturday, December 31, 2011

Existential Dreams

Existential Dreams

Alone at night

Me, myself and I

We talk a lot

Between the three of us, we can never decide

Who to condemn for this dreadful life

We never asked to be here

Whether it stemmed from a moment of passion that lead to unprotected sex

Or the whimsical decision to move to another country

We question the day in which this life was granted to us

Breathing in this air, unknowingly becoming an heir

Heir to countless broken dreams

A broken family

From one generation after another after another

Love, compassion, support, all those things that come with family

Empty shells of hate, despair, spite, ignorance, materialism

Family that communicates through violence and shouting

Always with the shouting, never with the loving

Alone at night

Me, myself and I wonder wherefore this life?

To what end should we live this life?