Sunday, December 04, 2011

Looking Back Through Old Pictures

Me circa 2006 at Wizard World
Since I got my computer back, I've been recovering things here and there. I've also been rediscovering some of those things as well. Aside from all the music, a ton a pics I've had from bak in the day, which is only a fe years ago really, have me looking back at how things were back then, simpler really. I was definitely in a different point in my life, a non-politicized point that had me going to comic book conventions rather than rallies and conferences.

Some of those pics are pretty awkward since they're pictures of me and former girl friends. Ahhh memories. I do so love reflecting every once in a while, seeing how things were and how even though I may not be where I wanna be, at least I'm not where I use to be. And it's also just fun to look at things and be reminded of where and when I was at that moment, day trip and them move along with things. Ahhh memories.