Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Updates & Changes

I made some aesthetical changes to the space. Nothing to serious, just a switching up of the colors here and there. Not much to change really, I don't like any of the other templates blogger offers, and I still haven't gotten a domain name to get cooler ones, so this'll do. In terms of the layout of the page, simple works best. I have the main entries, which now have tabs at the bottom so folks can share them on twitter and facebook.

I updated my bio and the headline atop of the page where the blog name is at. I still kept the picture of the flags only to piss off folks who don't like it. I ran through all the links I had on the right and made some changes. Some of the folks I had listed haven't updated their pages in years, so I took them off. I also added a few new ones that hopefully folks will check out when they get a chance.

Ohhh and the site now has a mobile version in case anyone reads my stuff on their phone, which up to a few weeks ago was also me. It gave me a QR code, but since I wasn't able to make sure if it was working, I decided to not share it. Maybe later on I'll set that up. Anyway, as always, thanks for reading my random thoughts that keep me from going insane in the membrane. As another year comes to a close, only time will tell what the next will bring.

Erick Huerta
"El Random Hero"