Monday, August 13, 2012

Lawyers Grifting Deferred Action

To be honest, I never really gave much thought on all the fucking shark lawyers and notaries were  coming outta the woodwork when the Deferred Action announcement was made. Folks were being warned left and right that they shouldn't be paying anyone to help them fill out an application that is yet to exist. That getting help from these asses could end up hurting someone in the long run.

Well now that I'm seeing more and more of these charlatans pop up everywhere, I found this Benouis firm on a facebook ad, and it really pisses me off. Like, to the point that I'm just going about my normal internet browsing and I see these fuckers trying to post up their shit on group pages and what not. They all have some stupid name that throws the words "Dream Act" and "deferred action" in there to get anyones attention.

All of this stuff hasn't really hit yet, but seeing all these putos trying to make money got the ball rolling. But that just goes to show you that I wasn't ready for everything that is to come. Because of the personal investment I have in all this work, just like all the other dreamers, it catches you off guard and you wanna make sure that no one gets taken advantage of. We've all heard countless stories of lawyers and notaries robbing people outta thousands of dollars and never helping them or just making things worse.

It can't be helped. There's approximately 1 one million plus dreamers that are going to be applying and going through this system. Not all of us have access to resources, connections or support to get the paper work done, cover the application fees and get help in case things take a turn for the worse. There are going to be folks who are going to get robbed and who are going to end up getting into deeper problems because they got grifted. And I can't help feel some responsibility for that.

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Anonymous said...

I translated a birth certificate at a notaries office, she didnt even have her state stamp. Also I asked her about what a notary is. Then I asked about how to prove continuous presence in the country. Like affidavits or something. She advised that I fake evidence by using my mothers gas bill. I was shocked. She said she knows of people applying even if they don't qualify. It's fraud but they are takin the risk she said. She also said she does deferred action applications for $200. And when people
Bring in evidence she only sends a transcript to cover the 5 year continuous presence. Also when people try to prove their June 15'presence by having a check they cashed or something she doesn't let them send it. She tells them it seems fake to have evidence for that particular date.
She is doing it all wrong. What I worry about is people getting an RFE ( request for evidence) because of her. And what if she charges them extra. This is an urban neighborhood. People don't know how to get advice on DACA. I did my own application without a lawyer. I just needed a birth certificate translation. My case has gone great. I am proud of myself. This notary is bad. So for the minor spelling mistakes or grammar. I just had to share this shocking info. She says she specializes in immigration. What the hell.. I feel sorry for those that have went to her :( Makes me angry ! And also thank you for caring about the dreamers. Great
Post. Sincerely, Maria from California