Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finding Love on Public Transportation

In all of my time riding public transportation, there's one idea that I've always romanticized, falling in love with someone I met on public transportation. It's the kind of thought that brings a smile to my face because part of me believes it. That on a random day, I'll be going on about my business, but somewhere along the way, I'll meet this beautiful woman, we'll talk and by coincidence, both get off at the same spot. Needless to say I've given this idea a lot of thought.

But the realities of public transportation don't lend themselves to the kind of romance I want from a woman. I've heard countless stories on the horrors women endure while on public transportation. Groping, perverted old men staring, cat calls, even threats of violence and rape. No, I'm afraid that when I see women on public transportation, all I see is the face they have to put up to deal with all the crap that goes their way.

A simple smile won't do here. Hell, even trying to talk to them is a challenge in itself because folks just wanna get to their stop and not have to deal with anyone along the way. Alas, I just keep to myself and smile a non-perverted smile when I make eye contact with women on public transportation. Besides, this notion of finding 'love' on the bus/train is one that comes from a place of privilege as a man. I don't deal with any of the nonsense women have to deal with, so of course it's easier for me to romanticize an everyday, uncomfortable situation women have to put up with.

Still, the idea that in a city this big, we both just happened to be on the same bus, made eye contact, talked to each other enough to peek interest and follow up with lunch. And the rest is history from them. Sigh ....