Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coming out ?

Honestly I've been entertaining this idea a lot. Should I just come out and put myself out here in the blogging world with my real name. I had a great breakfast with my BFF today and as always we catch up on things because we're both busy with our lives. But if someone really wanted to find out who I truely am, they would have no problem finding that out. I mean I like to think that I'm being sneaky by not having my real name on here, but I'm a writer, a journalist and as of late almost a community activist. I have everything from a myspace to a face book and it's not hard to find me and who I am really. Of course I just outted myself by writing about it, but I don't care anymore. I may be undocumented but there's little anyone can do to put me in danger or try to harm me. I'm sneakier than I look. But I will continue to entertain the idea in the mean time.