Thursday, January 08, 2009

Reality TV and me

Did ever ever tell you about the time a producer from the CW approached me to be on their show "Beauty and the Geek" ? Me of all people. I was bummed that I couldn't be part of the show for obvious reasons and in after thought it made me think that if people are asking me to be on a t.v. show because I'm a comic book reading, anime watching, video game playing nerd, I must be more americanized than I thought, which is only natrual really. Hell one of my all time dreams is to be on the Real World and just ham it up on tv. I have no problem causeing drama, specially on tv and to gringos. I would curse them out in spanish and people would have to read the subtitles all the time because I'm a dick like that. Still, I would have liked to be on the show because even though I'm a huge nerd at heart, I've learned to appreciate my passions beyond their exteriors and I see them for what they really are, great works of fiction.  


girl-artificial said...

damn, i would so be the girl geek if i just got the free make over.

nice blog btw

<3 Tinsley said...

omg I would LOVE to be on that show Im great at playing dumb! seriously! theyd all think Im this stupid girl who only cares about her looks so theyd take down their guards and then bam! I would win all the fucking money because those challenges are so fucking easy! you just have to THINK alcohol has killed off a lot of my braincells but Im actually a smart person once u get to know me, ppl usually understimate so Id be purrfect for that fucking show. Those bitches make easy money by being on there.

VB said...

THIS IS SOOO FUNNY!! Check it out!!