Thursday, October 29, 2009

Change for the better

Things have been better than they have ever been, least compared t othe living situation I was in before. The simple things of having a bed again, being able to watch TV, which I havent done regularly in 2 years and not dealing with my friends family drama. I feel re-energized since I moved back. I'm still hella busy with school stuff, which is why the writing has slowed down here a bit, except that last post I wrote from my phone. Other than that, my mind hasn't had the chance to wonder off like it usually does about what I see. That I since I moved out of my friends house, I no longer see problems that I use to notice because his sisters would drop of their kids, 6 of them total, with grandma. My dad is doing what he can trying to start up another business and my mom is doing her thing with tamales. This morning I spent a few moments withher and someone reconized her. She's been gone almost 3 years and people still remember her and her food. They missed her is what one womansaid this morning. Things aren't perfect, they never will be, but we're all happy. Least happier than we were before.