Friday, October 02, 2009


Did I spell that right !? Lazy to spell check. AAAAANNYYWWAAYYYY !!!!!
You've all noticed the slow down in writing right ? And I do intend to
reply to comments, eventually. Well less writing here means more
writing everywhere else. Yes school. I remember not so long ago I was
whinning about not doing anything. Now I'm up to my neck if work.

So with that being said, I incorpirate my work where ever I can to get
things done. As some of you read, I posted a DREAM Act opinion piecei
wrote, that I got some heat back from a reader to which I say, if the
world was an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth, we'd all end up
blind and toothless. Touché good sir.

Then on Tuesday I gave a 5-7 minute rant on the dream act. I saw rant
because I didn't prepare for it. I just went up there and said what I
knew. Which worked out awesome because one one person in the class
even heard about it :) The funny thing is that I was nervous and my
hands were shaking. Weird. Then a classmate that went after me talked
about her Chinese heritage. It was cool to hear her say that her
family immigrated Rotherham US and how it tied to things I mentioned
about how people immigrate for a better life. She was a perfect example.

I broke it down by giving the Superman is the ultimate illegal alien
analogy and lights went on. I saw their expressions and eyes almost
light up :) so yeah. Other than thati spend a good chunck of time
writing and developing photos for my b/w class. I'm making some GREAT
prints. The fumes get me a little buzzed :)

~ con safos ~