Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ahh you're back ....

.... to that place you know so well. Its been a long time since you've
been here for the reasons you are here now. At this point I don't need
to explain the proper procedures to help you get through this. In
fact, yes.... I can see in your eyes that you've matured since the
last time. (Chuckles) haha not only that but I can see that you've
gained some more girth to your body mass. It's ok my friend, the good
life has a few set backs.

I won't ask for the details of your return friend. I know you want to
respect the other party and even though your heart and mind are filled
with scorn, rage and blinding passion to punch a hole through the
wall, by the way.... You still haven't payed me back for that last
episode. You'd swear the place was Swiss cheese. Don't worry, I
already put it on your tab. (Gives a heart felt smile)

Tell me my friend.... You've had quite a few new adventures and
epphiphanies in your journey yes ? I can't wait for you to regail me
with those adventures. I also see that you have less hate in your
heart my friend. Yes.... That's it. Hahaha yes I can see you've gottan
away from the path of darkness it was leading you on. What's that you
say !? Speak up my young friend these ears aren't what they use to be.

School !? Ahh I can see that you are maturing. Yes school has played
an incrimental part in dealing with those anger issues of yours. Good
for you my friend. No sense going trough life angry at the things you
can't control. You do what you can with what you have. My hat goes off
to you. So now what my friend ? Where do you plan on going ? No, I
know you too well. Your going to let the winds take you where you need
to be right ? Hahaha of course I'm right. I can read you like a book.
In fact, it pains me to say this but I saw your return when the winds
were going berserk a few days ago. Like you, I too look to nature to
know when thins are going to change.

It's obvious that you are exausted friend, please let me fix you your
favorite meal. It will calm your spirits. I can tell by the bags on
your back and to your side that you are carrying a bigger burden thatn
when you first came.( Grabs hand and looks into eyes) I am proud of
you friend. Most people would have, being selfish, would have ignored
and left behind such weight. I know you are not alone in this burden
friend because even though these weights you carry hold a lot of
personal ties, you understand that you are a small part in what may
become one of the biggest movements in our life times. Keep strong my
friend, the road is hard and even though you are here again, use this
time to reflect and to continue growing. Never ever stop growing and
holding yourself back.

(Looks to wall) Ohh my hahaha, look at the time. It's getting late. Go
on my friend. I will help you carry your bags up the stairs.
Everything is as you left, but of course you are more than welcomed to
change things to feel more at home. Heart break is not easy to get
over, but from just looking into your eyes when you came through the
door, I could see that you have matured. It's only natural right
friend ? You are older and you have more of that peskie white hair.
Enough talk, let's get you settled and I'll fire up that stove eh ? I
look around the place, gaze at my hand for a moment and say, "Thank
you friend, but alas I won't be here that long. In fact, I'm leaving
at the break of light. As you can see.... there are matters bigger
than me that need my attention. I cannot dwell here like I did before.
There is work to be done. People to meet. Stories to write. Reading to
do. My heart aches at the moment yes, but it'll pass. Thank you for
the support friend. It will not be invaine."

~ con safos ~