Sunday, November 01, 2009


It'll get ya. Time and time again I have moments in life that seem
like I'm getting picked on, like everything bad only happens to me and
only me. At this moment I'm nursing both a cold and a broken heart.
Yet, as I was taking a much needed walk I realized that I'm not a
stranger to this road. Yes I too have broken a heart and guess what ?
It sucks. It sucks ass. Hard. In case you're wondering that last post
was about it.

This realization doesn't make things any easier of course. Oddly
enough the circumstances in both instances are quite similar just on
the opposite ends. It kinda makes me feel like apologizing to that X,
BUT I have runned into her at school and she's the same. So yeah ....
Sorry Love & Hate in L.A. I won't be getting married anytime soon.
Thatnks for the support and enthusiasm though :-) Speaking of karma, I
miss "My name is Earl." Jason Lee is a great actor and I related a lot
to him on that show.

So what am I going to do with myself now you ask ? Well I gotta get
over this cold as soon as I can because there's work to be done. This
person entered my life spontaneously and totally unexpected and now
she is no longer there. I have realized a few things these past couple
of months not just about myself, but those around me. A long time ago
I decided that I would leave behind people who didn't bring anything
positive in my life. Even if this means that I spend my days alone. In
time, things will get better and I will remold my relationship with
her because she brings positive energy into my life and I in hers. We
all have are faults, but it's nothing that can't be over comed in
time. I myself keep growing and learning. This experience is no
different. It's only a matter of time.

~ con safos ~