Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Ganas is what my parents tell me to give so I can reach success beyond
anyone else in my family.
Family that has worked fields and menial jobs all their lives to make
ends meat everyday.
Everyday the burden of living up to those expectations grows and gets
Heavier than any other load I have ever carried, yet I know of people
who carry the world on their shoulders.
Shoulders that need to rest, need to be massaged and need the burden
to be lifted.
Lifted from the ground, grown in the dirt and nurished by the sun.
Sun that shines and guides us, the people of the sun into the next
day, day after day.
Day that will end in harmony or agony because suffering is a part of
Life that is connected to everyone, one way or another, echandole ganas.

~ con safos ~