Thursday, November 19, 2009

Talkin' bout that DREAM Act

My mom'z is one of my biggest motivators tambien and that's what I had
the opportunity to do today, motivate. I've mentioned in the past my
exploits talking to people and students about what the DREAM Act is
and AB 540 and each time I do it, it's different.

Today I talked to kids in a school that focuses on helping the
students get their high school diploma and career training in the
future of America, green jobs. Someone has to fix those solar panels
and other stuff like that right ? It's the future, today.

Anywho, there were only four kids and an advisor, but you know what ?
I had a blast talking to them. Ironic though that I took 90 talking
and for my speech class I gotta limit my speech on the DREAM Actto 10
min. Hmmm .... I explained legislation, support groups, blogging,
social/group support and my personal experiences to spice things up a
bit too.

It was cool because all the kids knew what I was talking about and
they weren't bored either. They paid attention to almost everything I
said. And you all know how I love attention :-) It was a great time
and even though there were only 4 kids, that's 4 more that know about
AB 540, the DREAM Act and they want to help pass it. That's 4 more

~ con safos ~