Saturday, November 14, 2009

On health care

I don't have any. Surprised !?! Well you shouldn't be. I wrote about
this issue somewhere sometime ago, way before anyone was reading my
rants so I'd figured I'd give it another shot since I fell face first
from my skateboard. I fell on my knee, this was a week ago now, and it
still isn't right. Nothing critical, just ackward pain, like it's numb
and sore.

So health care. When I was a kid my mom relied on free clinics that
gave innaculations that allowed me to go to public school. The same
for my sisters. In the 17 years I have been in my adoptive home, I
have only been to the hospital once, when I popped my ear drum. Stupid
teLly cause I laid down with a cotton swab in my ear. When they were
fixing it, it took five guys to hold me down and I screamed like a
banshee. Brutal.

Those free/low cost clinics were as close as I got to any health care.
I haven't been to a dentist or seen a doctor. At this point Im scared
of going because of everything that they'll find wrong with me. My
parents didn't have time to worry about our health trying to make a
living and what not. Come to think of it, it's a miracle I'm somewhat
healthy considering the circumstansens. Health insurance is outta the
question until I can afford it by working, which I can't do legaly.

So if I got sick really bad or needed any other type of medical
attention, I would be screwed. One time my mom'z cut her hand pretty
bad and the hospital wouldn't take her in unless my dad gave them a
credit card. So he came back to the house to get while she almost bled
out. Putos. If I were to get hurt, the medical bills would kill me so,
like everyone else I take home remedies.

A sobadora (massage specialist) fixed a really bad ankle twist I gave
myself riding a dirt bike. I was down for two weeks and and even now,
that ankle has a calcium deposit. But can you imagine what people with
degenerative diseases have to deal with being undocumented and broke
and needing daily medial treatment !? It's a horror I would never wish
on my worst enemy. But they get by. The only upside to this is that
when you are undocumented, you don't do anything fun because of the
fear of getting hurt. Come to think of it, that's not a good thing.
There is no good side to this dilema. It's just another side of the
billion sided dice that is the life of undocumented people.
~ con safos ~


EL CHAVO! said...

I only got health care a few years ago because of my job. Went through the same thing as you, had to wait at county once for 8 hours, and still didn't get seen. It's messed up for poor folks all around.

loveandhatela said...

ok dude mira first dont need to be riding a skateboard or dirt bike.
You got to think preventative care for yourself.
Cuidate guey..exercise and take vitamin supplements and eat healthy. I have stopped eating red meat or dairy.

I have health care but its super expensive (single-independent contractor)come this January i will not renew. Since i dont use the full benefits of what i pay every month..yeah i know they call it "insurance" for if and when just in case.
I am pretty healthy and plan to save half of the premium in an emergency fund and the other half going to my living expenses.

-your body is your temple :)

Anonymous said...

"the hospital wouldn't take her in unless my dad gave them a
credit card"

-it sucks that she cut her hand... but I don't buy your story of the credit card. I'm thinking they went to some urgent care or some clinic. Federal law states NO ONE is denied emergency medical treatment. Not even if the "emergency" is not really a life threatening emergency... everyone gets seen by a doctor.

Besides, there are many doctors that prefer to see patients at a fixed price, say $50.00 per visit, instead of dealing with the headache that is private insurance or even worse Medi/Medi. My parents have recently lost their jobs and are now uninsured, no they are not illegal but I advise them to go see a doctor at an urgent care that gladly accepts cash. Should an emergency arise an ER will never turn people away. Sucks that is the situation we all live with but hopefully it will get better soon... and by that I don't mean the crap sandwich Pelosi/Reid are trying to ram down American's throats, but I digress.

Stay healthy, avoid risky activities. If you look hard enough there are always private practice doctors that offer pay per visit consultations. That is the name of the game in Mexico.

oh and I also wonder how in the hell I made it this far with absolutely no insurance growing up.... but then again how did we as humans survive throughout this whole time without modern medicine? thousands of years and we are still here on this planet. Amazing considering that penicillin wasn't rediscovered until the late 1920's!!!

Alia parker said...

Everyone should take care of your health in this quarantine. Because recently i had an injury on my leg and now i have to walking sticks. This is really bad news for me. Keep me in your prayers.