Friday, October 09, 2009


...that we blind ourselves to see it in others because an eye for an
eye and a tooth for a tooth, leaves us blind and toothless.
Toothless smiles that I come across everyday from kids who eat too
much junk as their parents are killing themselves to live.
Live a life modeled after the upper class because they have never seen
someone from their land, from their hood, from their raza be anything
more than an empty vessel.
Vessel that's filled with water, which takes the form and shape of
whatever it needs to be.
Be true and listent o the world around you.
You forget that life happens everyday and that humming bird you saw
today was a sign that it was a very good day.
Day that you forget the most important date in your life and it all
starts to fall apart because of it.
It is nothing more than the barriors that you put on yourself, that
hold you back and keep you down because it's mind over matter.
Matter of time before you realize how much time and life you've wasted
in ventures that never panned out, but none the less you learned a
life lesson that is worth its weight in gold.
Gold teeth that I see on tv in peoples mouths because having yellow
teeth isn't enough.
Enough of that jibberish you tell you're self because it's not helping
Anyone, like that person walking down the street who, if you smiled
to, would promote unconditional love.
Love that we all need from family, friends and even strangers walking
By chum I think he's got it.
~ con safos ~