Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sending in paper work

Kinda ackward I know, but I'm doing this through my phone so eh. I had
to send in some additional paper work to CSUN so I can prove I'm AB
540 because apparently the school needs to make sure I meet the
requirements and not be some out of state person trying to pay less
for tuition. I had to sendin transcripts from high school to, along
with the affidavid. Good stuff. I take this as a sign that I'm in,
other wise why would they want all this paper work right ?

On a cunner note, I met some fellow bloggers over the weekend at a
community organizer training. It was soo cool to me you guys, you know
who you are :-P Like minds meeting online then in person. It's this
connection and sharing of life and thoughts that helps us get through
things sometimes you know. It was a great training and it's already
going to be put to use. Community organizers are something, like
president of the US.

~ con safos ~