Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby sitting for sandwhiches

As weird as it, there are moments in which I miss being a baby sitter.
These are ONLY moments mind you. You see, back in 06-07 I worked at a
skateshop. The owner had a child and I became a friend of the family.
So much so that one she got older, they would ask me if to baby sit,
as a last resort. We had some good times I tell ya.

I would usually do it in the afternoon for a fee hours in between
someone else getting home from school or work. On days I did baby sat,
we would watch Dora theExplorer because she loved that show. She also
has a swing set in the back, so a lot of the time would be spent there
or on the front yard playing withthe dog. I did this to help out and
didn't expect money, so they would let me help myself to the fridge :)

I would make her quesadillas or half a sandwhich, a snack like cookies
and we would chill from there. One time she was coloring and I let her
doodle on my hand. I in turn wrote on her stomach, with washable
markers, "insert food here." We all got a laugh out of it, even though
it didn't come off for a few days because baby skin is WAY more
sensative than I knew.

I still see her when I walk the dogs and ask her how she's doing in
school now. I'm amazed at how much she's grown and how she is
changing. To go from an infant in diapers hugging me to telling me all
sorts of random things about how the dogs like her and what she
learned in school. Kids are something I yell ya what.

It's in those times baby sitting that I know that I'm holding off on
kids. Still, I can't wait when I do. To be able to teach them
everything I know. To help shape their minds, identity and over all
being. I can only imagine what they'll be like knowing that by the
time they go out on their own, I will have shared with them almost
everything I know. To take the best of me and improve on it. Truely,
that is the day that I look forward to in my life.

~ con safos ~