Thursday, February 04, 2010

In Lak Ech

In Lak'ech Ala K'in, which means I am another yourself (A modern day interpretation). It also means I am you, and you are me (A traditional Mayan interpretation). 

Comparison is such a natural reaction and habbit. Truely, since the day we are born, we are compared to our parents in terms of facial features, behavior is labeled as positive, negative or pertaining to a specific sex or to one's parents side of the family. You know ? There's no escaping it and in life, that is how most people measure their lives and success, through comparison. 

In my life it has always been an issue of never meeting the standereds everyone else sets and compares me to. From family and friends to my own personal notions. If ever we do something in this life is to compare and contrast and say this is good, but this is a little bit better. If you happen to be the first to do it, much like anything else in life others will look to your for a basis in which to make up their own mind. 

In my life, comparison has only lead to confusion and severe doubt. To know that friends who came through ELAC with me are done getting their B.A. degree and here I am, barely transfering. Most of my life, comparison has only served to make me feel inadiquate about my own achivements and the greatness that is in my life. 

Watching Bruce Lee movies or Star Wars (both of which I did tonight) always get me thinking on those philisophical levels. "To ignore the past is to jepordize the future." it's hard to describe at times because it's all situational. While at one moment I will feel the doubt and fear from looking to others accomplishments, I realize that they are on the road they need to be on and so am I.

I am greatful and thankful to know that I have accomplished great things in my life, in my own way. This doesn't take away from others or from myself. It simply means that things are switched you know. I have come to see comparison not as a guide follow or tool of measurement, but as a compass of sorts, that is leading you in the right direction, even though you still have to make the trail yourself. Yes that's it right there.

Everyone is different, circumstances are different and our goals and paths are different. Different but the same in the end. I don't compare myself to anyone, fictional characters maybe for instances of describing my life and views maybe, but not as roles models to adhere to. Even real people in my life, I look to them for support and guidance, rather than rely on them for instructions and details. 

I have been compared to many people and many characters. I either meet or fall short of those standereds set by them. Truely that's a bunch of bull shit. It takes more from a person to be steadfast with themselves than worrying about others. Some cope in different ways and in comparing myself to them, I know I'm going in the right direction because it's the one I picked for me, myself and I. "A true martial artist takes responsibility for all of their actions."    
~ con safos ~