Friday, February 26, 2010

Legacy blogger

I've been writing for this for blog a few years now. All with the
intention of sharing my thoughts, experiences and because practice
makes perfect. So I write, write and write some moe' Yet, it never
fails to amaze me where my writing takes me. From joining the DREAM
Act movement to reporting and blogging on other sites. I'm always in
motion, always doing something you know. That's how I ended up sharing
my story once again today.

I was invited to present and participate in a brain storming session
with the USC School of Journalism, focusing on health. I'm too
exausted think of the proper title. In a nutshell, they're developing
a track to train professional journalist to incorpirate new media on
health issues. I for one am going full steam ahead with this not just
because I was helping, but because it's badly needed.

There's ton of things that I have noticed in barrios in terms of
health toward residents that it's straightout enviromental racism.
Communities living near freeways, lack of resources and healthy food,
industrial factories etc. Things that I grew up thinking was the norm,
when in fact it's shit that's causing serious and long term health
problems in the barrios. This training will help in knowing how to get
at these stories you know. So I'm psyched.

It was a great event and a lot of great peeps were there too doing
their thang in their own right, but for some the issue of making money
and having access to resources was the focus. Me, I just wanna write
and continue to grow. The best part however, for me anyways, is
getting props not only from peeps there, but from Felix Gutierrez. A
profe of journalism at USC and Chicano veterano from his days of
working with the magazine, La Raza.

Back in the day, La Raza was a publication in which Chicanos/as spread
knowledge about community issues much in the same way blogs do now.
I'm proud to say that I carry on that tradition in my writing and
having Gutierrez gimmy props for all the stuff I do, I know I'm slowly
but surely making my way. But the credit doesn't belong to me, I just
write. It's the people I write about that inspire me to do what I do
along with everyone in the barrio that always has kind words of
support for me and have shown me new ways of thinking. I'm nothing
without the support and help of everyone, so thanks everyone. I won't
let you down.

~ con safos ~