Tuesday, March 06, 2012

OC to LA Dream Ride Recap

Nothing short of amazing, the second annual Dream Ride was a major success. No one got hurt, everyone had a blast and we connected the biking, immigrants rights, undocumented student movements together with one single ride. All the planning and stress that I incurred on myself flew out the window the moment my alarm went off at 6 am that morning. It wasn't until I got home, take a much needed shower and got a good nights rest that I felt at relieved.

And while there's still more internal work going on in terms of debriefing with the organizing committee, sending out thanks yous to everyone that helped and getting feed back from riders in terms of improvements, it's all about said and done for now. All the work and support we got from everyone was evident. And given it was 90 plus degrees that day, our efforts paid off since no one got a heat stroke or got dehydrated during the ride. I however pushed myself too hard to the point that I had to walk for a few minutes when my right thigh starting cramping up.

And while there's tons of moments that stick out in my mind from the ride, seeing the raw emotions of folks who completed the ride, feeling proud of themselves and of what they just accomplished made me smile. Although, I will say that when we were riding through Whittier blvd. and seeing all the low riders honking and cheering us on was hella dope. It wasn't until we reached East LA, that we started getting mad love/support from the community vs hate when riding in the OC.

Without a doubt and in the most respectful/humble fashion, I organized one hell of a dope bike ride. Again, all the frustrations and logistical head aches were all worth it at the end of the day and they'll keep me going till next year when we do this ride again. Till then, I gotta take care of all that stuff I put on the side to finish this event. And of course, this ride couldn't have happened without the help of folks from Bici Libre, City of Lights, Dream Team LA, Orange County Dream Team, El Centro Cultural de Mexico and Solidarity Ink. Not to mention all the amazing volunteers and supporters who saw us off in the morning and welcomed us in the evening.