Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The road ahead

FYI ~ Thats a story I wrote last year about the California DREAM Act
that was up for legislation but was shot down by the Governer. They
used an old pic from a mock graduation in Nov of 2007. ~

Anywho I have been thinking. A lot. When I think it usually ends up
bad because I think evil thoughts. Evil, evil thoughts. I'm just evil
like that. But a great question came up when I was talking to my ruca,
would I still be so actively involvedin the DREAM Act campaing if I
were to become legalized through whatever means ? It's a question I
don't think I personally wanna answer becUse I don't think i'll like
my answer.

Weall put soo much work into the DREAM Act that I wonder if I would
lose that passion and fire if I were to reach mu ultimate goal of
becoming a legal resident. Hmm. Deep down I have a self imposed
obligation, duty, responcibility or what have you to help others in my
shoes. It says so in my bio over on the right hand side. There's no
doubt in my mind I would continue my work. In fact because I do have
more doors open to me I would be able to champion the cause to more
people and still continue to live my life.

I think it's because in a way, undocumented students live a double
life that we get caught up in it you know. We live our lives on top of
keeping up with the DREAM campaing. Hmm. I think how "hill billy"
family has papers by getting married and how I'm still here in limbo.
It's like they mock me everytime I see them. "If you're so smart how
come I have papers and you don't ?" is what I hear them say in my
mind. It would all be so easy to just get married and screw the
system. Yet, for those of us who want to follow the rules and play
fair, we get fucked over. Thanks "hill billy" family. I knew I could
count on you to help me see things better. Pfft NOT.

It's hard to not be so negative sometimes. It's really hard. We all
get tired of struggling and fighting. It's only natural. The spirit
can only take soo much before it's eroded like a mountain full of
snow. Stay strong everyone. Find strength where ever you can. Family,
friends, animals or in my case sometimes comics and loved ones. Only
time will tell what's in store for us. Don't let opportunities pass
you up. We have to make things happen. We can't just sit around
waiting for it to happen. That's why we are here. Fighting and
struggling. Divided we fall, united we stand.

~ con safos ~