Wednesday, August 05, 2009


It's one of the hardest things every human being has a difficult time
accepting, the transition to the other side, the astral plane, heaven,
nirvana whatever name you wanna use for it. Nothing prepares us for
transitions we must all make when someone we have known all our lives
makes the transition. We all cope and live in different ways that no
level of understanding canmake the grief and sorrow go away.

This has been a hard year because never in my life have those around
me lost those that mean the world to them. But lost is the wrong word
to use in these cases because we don't lose anything when loved ones
make the transition, we gain them on a higher plane. No longer
confined to a physical form, they are free to be with us and around us
everyday until we make the transition. They guide us, protect us and
nurture us the same way they did when they had a physical form.

I have never met my family in person but I know that they guide me and
look out for me. They protect me because I am part of them. I am an
extension of who they are and they want to see greatness from within
us take shape and manifest itself so that we can help others. It's in
accepting and embracing the transition that we can allow them to come
into our lives again and not hold them back from the other life.

Too many of my friends have been accepting the transition of their
loved ones and even though I feel helpless to do anything to help
them, I do my best to be there for them. To make accepting the
transition a little easier one day at a time. It doesn't make it any
easier, but no one is ever gone until we forget them. Que dios te
vendiga G man.
~ con safos ~