Saturday, December 05, 2009

Emotional Bears

Claw at you

Smell your reached hide miles away from the recesses of their cave

They find you wherever you are

Your emotional emotions draw them to you

You stare in fear, paralyzed waiting to be sliced at the heart

Bleeding out, as your blood runs through your fingers

Escaping and staining the floor, frantically trying to catch it to put it back in

It takes another swipe at you, cutting deeper than before

You search for your detached limb trying to put it back in place

Yet, it doesn't fit the same way it did before

It's uneven, lope sided and upside down

It will never be the same again

The Bear stares at you, arching his back, showing teeth

You stare back with blood soaked hands, questioning his next move

Hearts racing like never before, conflict in the air

Finally, you let the bear finish his job

You embrace his bone crushing jaws as he tears your flesh

The pain comes as relief, freeing you

He eats everything but your heart

Emotional bears can attack without notice at any given time

So keep your emotions in check, less you become the victim of another Emo Bear attack !!!