Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Busy as a bee

I mean that in every sense of the word. A bee killing itself gathering
nectar to feed the next generation of worker bees so the queen bee can
sit around all day, like the fat ass she is and fuck all day long.
Fucking bitch. Yes that's how life feels sometimes. Like your busting
your ass so someone else can be fat and fuck all day long. Sigh.
School feels like that sometimes.

I already mentioned some of my gripes and thoughts about coming in
this semester older and wiser and while my classes may not challenge
my full potential, even though I need them to transfer, I'm enjoying
myself and making the best of it. All my classes really require is
busy work and some effort and that's about it. A few presentations
here and there about the DREAM Act and blogging and I should pull of
all A's this semester.

As you can see from the pic, photo class is something that I have been
dying to do. I know my way around photography, but who doesn't now
adays right ? So I know that taking a black/white film class will help
build my foundation and over all picture taking skills no matter what
I use. No matter what SOME people might say or argue cause they don't
know better.

So, to recap. I'm giddy about going full throttle with my "Peter
Parker" journey as a photog and making sure I do my busy work in my
classes. I was recently asked why I don't take other classes that
aren't Chicano studies oriented, I've been doing that as of late, an I
said because I've spent enough of my life learning about everyone else
EXCEPT ME. I know more about other countries than my own history and
that's not right. So yeah, Chicano power. Not that I identify as one
but that's a whole nother post. Hope everyone is holding up ok. Ohh
and thanks for the emails and comments. I may not reply but I read
them. Thanks everyone :-)

~ con safos ~