Monday, September 14, 2009

What's my third option ?


Anonymous said...

So by your question you DON'T love it nor you want to leave it.

Varon, si un dia te das cuenta porque no puedes decidir, tu carga se aliviara.

loveandhatela said...

Dude i already told you..get married.
You love this country but being that your status is in limbo- you hate it.

You always have to think if the "sacrifice" is worth the "benefit" and in this case i think it is.
As a U.S. citizen i have the obligation of serving jury sucks..ive been on trials in the past.
But now im not in the mood emotionally or financially to waste my days on that.
I couldnt get out of it..but i am sure gonna make it easy so i wont be picked for a trial, and also its a financial hardship for me as well.

Anonymous said...

in limbo? what are his options? is there a definitely deadline? for what?

Somfolnalco said...

what if you love it but it dont love you back?

American Brat 540 said...

I suppose you could stay and hate it, but that would be a tragic existence.

Also, marriage isn't exactly a cure for our immigration woes. It would be, were it not for that ridiculous ten-year ban for reentry.