Thursday, September 03, 2009


Stop me if you heard this one before, but I'm too old to be where I
am. School wise that is. Seriously. I had an epiphany and today in
Chicano Studies it materialized as a class of 30 plus students had a
discussion about the sociological, enviromental and personal reasons
students identify as chican@, Mexican, Salvidorian etc. Course this is
a begining chicano studies class and even though I know what I know,
by learning it from the streets, and have a firm grasp of things.

So it occured to me during class, the discussion took up the ENTIRE
class time, that knowing what I know, I have to start somewhere and in
that I realized I was getting grifted. Never mind the whole I know
what Chicano is thing, I'm in a fucking over crowded class in wack ass
bungalows with bare minimum equipment almost literaly fighting for
bread crums with everyone else. Course this being California, budget
cuts, tuition increases and enrollment caps are flooding the gates
even more.

I feel this way in all my classes, except photo cause I love that
class :-D. Honestly this is some fucking bull shit. I'm suppose to
compete with students who have every advantage at their disposole from
other schools when I join them at the university level. We're all
going up to the plate with two strikes and three balls on the board
agaisnt us. Bases loaded, tie game bottom of the ninth inning. And
here I come dusting off my shoes with a splintered bat, not wearing
the proper equipment, the hopes and dreams of the team resting on my
shoulders. And it's only going to get harder the higher you go.

~ con safos ~


la rebelde said...

School resources mean a lot, but they don't mean everything for a good education. When you go to university, those students with lots at their disposal won't have the experiences under their belt -- like the ones you mentioned in your previous post. They will likely be in school for different reasons than you. Yes, it will be frustrating at times and yes, it's going to get harder the higher you go. But while you may have to compete with others for some things, you have a leg up in other areas. I hope the instructor is able to cut some of those students out, though -- crowded bungalows are no bueno.

Anonymous said...

your first two paragraphs make no sense.

ni se le entienda pa mierda!

Ambitious Dreamer said...

I completely know how you feel. On my first day of class, I walked into a room with 40+ people in it. The teacher was nice enough to let us all stay, because she knows that there aren't any other classes for us to go to. But it's still messed up that we have to squeeze all those students into a room because classes keep getting cut. The first few weeks, I had to sit on the floor in that class. Now at least I have a chair (no desk yet though). In my drafting class it's gotten worse though. We have 31 students, with just enough spaces for all of us to finish our projects. But they're replacing the desk, so that we'll only have 21 drafting tables. How the heck is that gonna work? Easy, according to the prof. We just won't get as many projects to do. Well, whoopdido. Less experience for us in the long run. I understand where you're coming from Rebelde, but I don't think you see how bad the situation is.