Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Celebrating Mexican Independence Day

Like I wasn't gonna write about this. Come on this is the perfect
subject to blog about, specially for me considering my situation. Even
though I was late to the show, LA had a ceremony at city hall with the
Mexican Consulate to celebrate Mexican Independence Day I.E. El Grito.
This is when Mexico was free of Spanish rule. Now, some of you might
be questioning where my alligiance might fall on days like this. After
Sept. is nationa Hispanic month or something to that affect.

Well to be perfectly honest, like most of the people there I
celebrated my birth countries freedom and yelled VIVA MEXICO many a
time. But why do I still hold an alligiance to a country I dont live
in anymore you ask ? BecUse no matter where we are we can NEVER forget
out roots and where we come from.

One thing I noticed this night was that no matter how hard people
tryto assimilate Nd how hard they try to look like Americans, they
love and salute their country of birth like any patriot would. They
may have left for personal reasons but that doesn't take away any of
the love and passion the have for it. It's the duality of things. We
can love more than one but others don't see it that way. To them I say

~ con safos ~