Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Its been un rato since I last checked in my thoughts. Going back home
to see my familia and just getting out of here for those few days made
some dramatic impact in my life and my way of thinking. Again. Getting
older is something that I'm taking great pleasure in. Seeing
everything through different eyes than everyone else. Knowing what
it's like to live a thousand life times before the one you currently
have makes things harder.

Going back home is stepping back in time. My familia is still the same
familia that I knew when I was still with them. Little older, wiser
and rounder but the same. I on the other hand have changed and grown
so much that even I don't recognize myself. Picking berries with my
mom and sister for an entire day, helping my dad mow lawns and sitting
around the house doing nothing. It all added up into something bigger.

Even today, the first day back at school grinding that axe for a real,
real, long time. I only had 3 hrs sleep but none the less, I was in
class knowing I won't have any problems gettings A's. I feel so much
older than everyone there that I see things differently and I like it.
Our experiences makes us who we are. Our suffering makes us who we are
and our dreams make us who we are. But it's not until we get pass all
of that mumbo jumbo that we do it.

Initially this post was going to be about the stuff making me want to
go into a fetal position and give up, and I do but I won't. Life is
never set. It's like water, taking the shape of what it needs to be,
moving and crushing anything in its way. Healing and helping those
that need it. Taking and giving life because we all have to move on
and be recycled for the next life. I don't really how I am going to
get through this next chapter, but I will be like water and navigate
through the river of life. Wherever I end up, I Know that's where I
need to be going.

~ con safos ~