Sunday, September 20, 2009

On not being good enough

You ever get that feeling ? I think at one point in our lives we all
face that feeling of not being good enough for sports, life and other
junk of that nature. I know I have felt that sting in my life one too
many times and everytime it hurts. It's one of those pains that never
get any easier no matter how often you go through.

Fore though, as of late anyway, I take it with a sort of grain of
salt. A life time of not being good enough for just about everything
has given me a unquie look/take on life. Whenever I think I'm not good
enough for something nowadays, I understand the why and the how of it.
It eases the pain but it never completely takes it away.

Yet, it's when the people you love and admire that do it to you, that
it hurts the most. You respect them with all your heart and they tell
you, sometimes for our own good because we need to hear these things
from someone else, that we aren't good enough to do whatever it is
we're trying to do. It hurts when love ones do it because they know
where to hit us.

I always take it stride and I keep in mind that it's for my own good.
That it'll help me grow as a person and let me see things from a
different side. Yes sometimes we need tough love and sometimes we end
up getting hurt. For whatever the reason. It's when loved ones do it
that hurts the most because we love them.
~ con safos ~