Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When keeping it real goes wrong

I loved those episodes of Chapells show. Alas, I am face with a moment
in life where keeping it real can go wrong. To fill you in, I wrote an
opinion piece for the school paper about the Chican Studies dept.
getting short changed for more than 40 yrs and my journalism advisor
responded by telling me, in front of the rest of the news staff, that
I'm whinning, selfish and greedy be because of over crowded classrooms
and crappy classrooms. She makes her point by telling me that I should
go somewhere else if I think it's soo bad at school.

According to her logic I should be going to a more prominent college
with better facilities in what I can only imagine is the better side
of town. Where minorities are the yard keepers, baby sitters and
custodians. Excuse me when I say WHAT THE FUCK !?!?!?!?!?!?!? I can go
on and on about the conditions at school and whine some more but it
doesn't get to the social and economic problems that are underneath
the surface.

I'm a second class "citizen" so I should get a second class education
to train me for some trade profession rather than academic
achivement ? And there's nothing wrong with that either, but there is
more out there than we are told. It's sad that students today still
have go overcome adversities such as the ones I mentioned. I don't
know the entire truth of things because honestly, I'm getting ahead of

I see the world for what it really is and it pisses me off. So then I
turn around and want to spread the word, but I can't articulate
myself. I still have a TON of catching up and even though all these
ideas are coming in and I want to act on them, I gotta remember to
take a step back and know what I'm really getting into before I put my
foot in my mouth. It's all a learning process of course, so it's only
a matter of time, as I further develope my consciousness to see the
real truths of the world. Other wise I might end up having a moment
when keeping it real goes wrong.

~ con safos ~


Anonymous said...

Dang man, you took it to the extreme when you assumed she wanted you to go somewhere else where it is "better" just because of your race. Why do you jump the gun on seeing racism in every unpleasant situation that you are confronted with.

En serio, tu miras lo que qieres mirar. I could understand how your advisor would see your piece as what you described, greedy selfish and whiny. It probably was.

Tienes que entender porque ella dijo lo que dijo. She is there too, and making the best of it and having someone go on about how bad and overcrowded things are probably got under her skin. I know when I am at work I HATE people saying it sucks there or they dont get payed enough or whatever. I tell them, "Quit. Quit right now", because I don't want/need/ that attitude around here.
You want a better paying job? go find one.
You want one that is more fulfilling? go find one.
In my opinion they are living sad pathetic lives living their life hating every moment of it.
Applying it to your situation (from what I can infer from your writing) it sounds very analogous.
You are probably right, school is overcrowded, equipment sucks and you believe (erroneously) that it is a racial thing? that is very childish and you have been race baited by that ideology.
Long story short, not everything is about anybody "keeping you down". move on brother,

Sal de esa mentalidad. No pongas tu valor en lo que el hombre piensa. Eres mas que un titulo o una categoria. I have been reading your blogs for a few months now and I see where your advisor might be coming from.
I go to a community college down in San Diego and yes it sucks, but I'm gonna do my best with what I have and get as much as I can out of it. I understand where you are coming from, I am mexican too.
But let go of the race card, it's overplayed and these days you will come off as whiny, greedy and selfish.

El Random Hero said...

Anonymous, you are right on by calling me out on this brash, generalization about, as you succinctly put it, playing the race card. Something I realized when I was chewing on the fat throughout the day when I was writing up a response to her comment was thinking about what is really going on you know. There are soo many ways to interpret something that you can find whatever it is you are looking for if you look hard enough. Of course I saw the "keep the cockroach people down" angle of it. That's why I talked this out with other people and shared ideas before I made an ass of myself and had an episode of when keeping it real goes wrong. Specially when I'm still learning about Chicano history. I told my gf that i bit of more than I can chew because I'm still a mocoso in terms of what is actually going. Lesson of the day, read more and become more astute of what is going on before jumping the gun. Because keeping it real CAN go wrong. Still, we all have our opinions and sometimes that's one of bitching and complaining.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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"Whitey" said...

I have to agree with the comment from Anonymous. El Random, you gotta stop hanging out with that L.A Eastside.com crew. They're turning you into a constant victim like they are. Not everything is about race brother.

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