Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bruins for the DREAM Act

I gotta say that my hat goes off to every one at UCLA, IDEAS and the Alliance of Dreams. They're holding it down and they're always up to something promoting the DREAM Act. In fact all this week, as you can see from the flier, they're hosting various events through out the week to raise more awareness and remind people of what's at stake. I would have posted this earlier, but school and life got in the way, something we all know about hehehe. Anyway, this is what they're planning for the rest of the week, so if you happen to be at UCLA, stop by and yell "Pass the DREAM Act !!!" I would greatly appreciate it. Or you can yell "Metal up your ass!!!" either one works fine for me. 

5-7 pm: Asian Pacific Islander TEACH IN- Did you know 40% ofundocumented students at UCLA are of Asian descent? Come learn more about how the DREAM Act affects the Asian community and how we can stop the myth that undocumented students are only of Latino descent.


12-2 pm: SPOKEN WORD/ Storytelling in front of Kerckhoff. Come hear testimonies from allies and undocumented students themselves. ART EXHIBIT in front of Pauley Pavillion.


12-1 pm: MOCK GRADUATION and RALLY in front of Kerckhoff- Bring your cap and gown and graduate on the Kerckhoff steps- We will represent how undocumented cannot use their UCLA degrees to get a job- They graduate, and then say "Now What?"


MAY 1st MARCH!!!!