Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day

Sigh... I have profesed my passionate love and care of all things
animal, dogs and cats specially. If I could pass a back ground check I
would donate my time at a sheltor looking after animals there, but it
would seem I'm needed else where, for the time being anyway.

Lex broke his leg a few days ago and today I came with my friend to
take him to the vet. He broke it when hr was playing and just landed
all wrong, something I know all about. There's a lot of things going
through my mind as it is and I wish Lex breaking his leg wasn't one of

We already talked to the vet, Dr. Church, and everything is going to
be ok. The only issue she's dealing with right now is the $$$$,
$3,000 to be exact. We talked about pet insurance before and now she's
defenetly going to invest in it now. I've thought about doing the same
for Harley because life happens everyday.