Tuesday, April 28, 2009


~ Building side view ~

I'll say this, and this is the truth, if it wasn't for my friends I
wouldn't be where I'm at today doing what I do at school, on this blog
or anywhere else. I may have writen about before so excuse my
repetition. I'm forever greatful for my friend and his family letting
me stay with them for more than a year now. They helped me find a job
and because of them I'm able to continue on my path and carry out work.

However, not to be ungrateful or a basterd, but sometimes I have
second thoughts about the way things are. I make it a point not to
over stay my welcome and impose myself too much on what happens in the
house. I learned that lesson the first time around somewhere else. I
stay outta their way and do what I can to help out. In essence, I just
eat, sleep and keep my stuff here. I do my work else where.

Of course living with someone your bound go hear and see things and I
never say anything. I leg them be. I don't get in their lives and I
would expect them to do the same for me. They don't. Everytime I do or
say something they criticise me and what I do. They don't know what I
do or even why I do it. Everytime I go out with someone or leave
looking nice they always day something.

Most of the time they do it in a sarcastic fashion and I brush it off,
but it comes from somewhere and it's true. It's always some sort of
comment and they imply that I'm too good for them or something to that
affect. My friends brother also does the same fucking thing. Always
talking some sort of smack about what I do or where I'm going. He
keeps saying that me blogging is stupid and that I'm wasting my time.
Needless to say it gets tiresome.

I can write about how sad and pathetic his life is and make him feel
like an idiot, but I won't. To each his own. Yet, it's always the
same. Outside in the real world i'm making a difference and helping
change things for the better. However, when I get back to the house I
see what's wrong with the world, in a sense.

~ con safos ~