Friday, April 10, 2009

Romanticing immigration

I just saw the movie "Sin Nombre" and I realize how immigration is romanticized by Hollywood, much like anything else really. I guess cause it hits close to home, I tend to see it from a different perspective and at times takes offense to it. This movie in particular uses gang violence as a back drop, which does make for a much more dramatic story, but you wonder how much is real. The things I saw in that movie do happen, but because they're on the big screen it almost gives it a free pass because it's tunred into entertainment for the masses. I also find it patrionizing at times because again, it just hits to close home. I still feel all teary eyed and sad about the movie and the drama, but I can't help feeling like my life is on display for all to see. Almost as if people are reading about my life on a near daily basis. Hehehe


Somfolnalco said...

Dude, I just saw this too! I thought i was a great film, but i don't know about the romanticizing since some of the stuff on there is pretty heavy.

Ill prob write about it tomorrow. so imma steal the pic from you :)

Silence Breaker said...

I haven't seen this movie, but one good movie is El Norte.

Dave said...

Ben and I are going tomorrow. I have the same concerns going into it (how much of it is real, romanticizing something, entertainment for the masses), and yet I'm just glad there is a movie and a place to watch it in Seattle. Biggest concern is, will people see young, homeless or homeless-looking latinos in the US and assume that this is their story? The way this is being marketed, and who will probably watch it, I think we'll be okay, and that won't happen.

Lu said...

I share your concerns about romanticizing and spectacularization of Latinos and immigrants in general. Like Dave asks, will it lead to more stereotyping and demonization of immigrants and Latinos, undocumented or not?

Another red flag is that the director did some pop fieldwork which was framed in the article about the movie as "I'm just showing reality, I was there!Shhh don't say anything about all the money that was put into it to make it look more glamorous so I can make a millions..."

I don't think I need to see the movie to come to these conclusions. My furrowed brow comes from the lack of ethics when it comes to his pop fieldwork (possibly making a huge profit from it) and the way the movie is being promoted. Ok, I'll stop here and write my own post about this. I might still see it to make my critique more thorough...I'm such a nerd.