Friday, April 10, 2009

Romanticing immigration

I just saw the movie "Sin Nombre" and I realize how immigration is romanticized by Hollywood, much like anything else really. I guess cause it hits close to home, I tend to see it from a different perspective and at times takes offense to it. This movie in particular uses gang violence as a back drop, which does make for a much more dramatic story, but you wonder how much is real. The things I saw in that movie do happen, but because they're on the big screen it almost gives it a free pass because it's tunred into entertainment for the masses. I also find it patrionizing at times because again, it just hits to close home. I still feel all teary eyed and sad about the movie and the drama, but I can't help feeling like my life is on display for all to see. Almost as if people are reading about my life on a near daily basis. Hehehe