Thursday, April 23, 2009

"You're a writer"

It's odd when someone says that to me. Just a few minutes ago I was
helping my room mates little sister come up with ideas for her
homework. She's suppose to to write a type of biography of herself if
she was Jewish during the holocaust. I read what she had an it was a
great start.

But every now and then she'll ask me for help and I do. In fact today
I was heping someone else by reading their essay and making some
edits. I consider myself a writer, not a good one or a bad ass one,
just a writer in terms of me being able to explain what I wanna
through my writing rather than words.

It's always been like that for me for some reason and I tend to put
myself down because writing is so prolific and soo many do it, better
than me. It's like why bother, but in the end I don't do it for anyone
but myself. When I force it, like in school papers it's not the same.
Now that I'm getting more into poetry and writing other things beyond
news stories for newspapers, I'm learning that I have a lot more in me
than I thought.

People see me as a writer and I consider myself one as well, what kind
remains to be seen. I'm still developing my craft and I have infinate
space to improve on it. Reading more and exposing myself to newer
things is helping. I don't think I'll ever consider myself a real
writer, just a shit talker.
~ con safos ~