Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stream of conscisness

Writing exercise that someone suggested at a poetry workshop I was at last week. Said he got it from writer Sandra Sisneros a few years back. Write 20 lines that consist of 8 or 12 words per line. The first word you start out with has to be the last word you write in the end. You also have to start the next line by using the last word in the previous line. Get it ? If not, read my example. This is just me writing non-stop. I'm not stopping to think of words or what to write. I realized that after I did this, my subconscious tends to take over and everything flows. So I went over, I got in to it heheh.

~ Equivalent exchange is a fundamental law in he universe because in order to gain, something of equal value must lost.

~ Lost in a world that shuns you because of the mistakes of others.

~ Others can't understand what you go through on a daily basis because they're too self involved in their universe.

~ Universe that spans on endlessly through time and space too big to notice the tiniest miracles.

~ Miracles that are over shadowed by the hate and ignorance of the world.

~ World that can't learn to stop being materialistic and is committing suicide.

~ Suicide once seemed like the answer to ending it all because you didn't want to deal with it.

~ It sometimes means a lot of things they can't be described because you don't want to be in that place.

~ Place that seems to grow darker and darker everyday because of the haunting shadows.

~ Shadows of figures who have open minds with clenched fist because no one can be trusted.

~ Trusted your parents to make the right decision for you, but you wish you could have had a say in it.

~ It is an eviscerating plague that is rotting you from the inside but you can't stop it from devouring you.

~ You realize that you have rage to overcome in order to make in society.

~ Society is lives blissfully unaware of what is wrong but keeps it under the rug.

~ Rug that has become a home to those who can't afford to have a bed.

~ Bed that fosters sleep where the Dream lord watches over his domain as his sister Death comes for those want peace.

~ Peace will never come within this life time because of the ignorance of the world and their motivation to fulfill their personal needs.

~ Needs that keep growing everyday as commercial america tells you what you need and want.

~ Want to leave this world and live in the astral plane because there anything is possible free from form.

~ Form of hate takes the shape of your neighbor and friends others who don't want to understand the plight of others.

~ Others who are suffering eternally in purgatory because of equivalent exchange.