Thursday, July 09, 2009

Free your mind

Death is only the beginning of life beyond the physical Word.
World that doesn't care about anyone or any full of apathy.
Apathy that surrounds the people in power who have control of the masses.
Masses that idolize empty heroes of vanity and propel them to god like proportions.
Proportions that are always skewed because the hungry go hungry and the fat get fatter.
Fatter than life because they have control of the few that starve for them.
Them are those who don;t care for anyone beyond themselves, hoarding everything they can grasp until they choke the living life out of it.
It is something everyone strides for but never reaches because they don't know what it is.
Is something that may seem like their life's work when in reality it's all one lie completely unaware of it all their lives.
Lives that are spent chasing the rabbit down the white hole, empty and hollow because they never realized what they really wanted out of life, cheating themselves of its beauty.
Beauty that is in the eye of the beholder, subject to criticized and ridiculed because beauty is discriminatory and equal for none.
None of you will ever understand anything that is beyond your understanding until you remove the vail put in front of your eyes by the world, your parents and the books you read.
Read what the world says and you'll understand that it can be honestly cruel and unforgiving.
Unforgiving because no one else showed mercy unto you in a past life.
Life that breaths through the streets as a street vendor sells the elixirs of life in several different colorful flavors to kids getting out of school.
School that is really an institution to program you how to think and live as another autonomous automaton putting your nose to the grind stone.
Stone that will eventually wear down after generations chip away at its integrity.
Integrity that can be easily bought and sold in an instant because people do not value it any more.
More is what the Artful Dodger tells kids not to say when they're at the soup kitchen.
Kitchen full of life because it feeds us all in the end.
End is death.