Monday, July 13, 2009

Talking to the kids

Look at them. Bright eyed and full of hope. Unaware of some of the worlds plights. Stuck in theirown little world and today I was partof it. Afriekd from dream team LA needed help in a student panel she was coordinating and I offered to help out along with 3 other people.

The main goal was to raise awareness about undocumented students in the educational pipeline and how ab 540 students don't have to go at it alone. They can turn to their peers for help because it's ok to ask for help. So the best way to get that message across was to talk a out ourselves and our experiences.

Using superman as an analogy, I explained the tremendous potential found in students just like in superman. I said somethings about myself to get across the point that it's ok to be open about your status to certain people and to ask for help. I don't know if they got the message but I'll ask my friend about it. Either way, I'm always glad to share my story and experiences with others just to raise awareness of the DREAM Act. I got a free lunch out of it some I'm happy :-D

~ con safos ~