Thursday, July 02, 2009


It never ends really. The hate from others. True hate. Not discontemp
or malice, but hate. Hodio. I see it online all the time and have
never experienced it personally. I'm thankful for that but others
aren't. They have died because of the hate people have for
undocumented residents, themselves and anyone else better off than
them really. Hate comes from with in whether it's taught, seen or

It knows no boundries and can penetrate the furthest levels of our
being. I see the hate online and I'll admit, it gets too be too much
sometimes. When you see 76 people leaving their hate rants on stories,
one can't help but feel as if the comments are personal attacks on
ones being, family and friends.

I leave comments countering their hate but sometimes I ask myself if
it'll make a difference, dropping a penny in a well of hate. It does
make a difference. It may be hard to deal with the hate, but through
understanding and conversation we can adress it. Look at it and do
something about it. Really all that hate stems from somewhere deep in
that person.

A certain unhappyness and vindictiveness over powers them. If they can
be happy why should someone else right ? It's sad to know there are
people out there. I don't wish them harm because I understand things
better than they can. It's in that understanding that I'm able to
tolerate hate from others. I'm human and I tend to hate from time to
time, but I do my best to place myself back into place. There's enough
hate out there as it is. If I can bring joy to anyone any how, well
then, things are looking up.

~ con safos ~


Abraham said...

Having spent way too much time reading the "immigration" forums and battling it out with those prejudiced people, I can see where you are coming from. I never got used to the hateful things they would say not only about immigrants, but about Mexicans/Chicanos in general.
Honestly, I don't see the point in arguing with the extreme ones. I just take pleasure in knowing they are an irrelevant fringe group that few want to associate with. Let them be angry and stay in the fringe while we progress.

fatpinkchicken said...

There should be some kind of drinking game for how soon someone will blame "illegal immigrants" on an LA Times story about anything or complain about Barack Obama being a secret Muslim/using a teleprompter on a Fox News story.

Internet comments, because they're pretty anonymous, and removed, make people act like jerks sometimes.

XKCD has some funny stuff about this.

American Brat 540 said...

I leave positive comments whenever I encounter a story about cir, but I've learned not to read others' comments. It's just too much for me to take.

Anonymous said...

There should be some kind of drinking game for how soon someone will blame "Bush" on an LA Times story about anything or complain about conservatives being immigrant haters/war mongers on a New York Times story.

-there, fixed the comment for you... see how this is a two way street?

....... and hodio should be "odio". :o)

El Random Hero said...

I forget my spanish sometimes hahah

Refried Dreamer said...

I've tried blogging & commenting on Immigration websites... and in the end, I couldn't take it anymore. It doesn't matter how much of a point you have... you will never be right. There will always be someone with hate... with such animosity... that damn, I've even gotten death threats over the internet.

It's sad but now I just worry about myself and my family.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I used to go on some anti-immigration sites to argue with the racists, but it does get overwhelming realizing they really won't see any other reasoning besides hate. If you ask why they have so much hate and mention that every race has people that litter or do illegal things even worse than crossing a border, they ban you from posting. The one thing I really hate to hear is " What part of illegal don't you understand?". I was so pissed off when a chicano anchorman said that on air. Don't let them get you down, for every hateful person, you probably have ten people that love you to death. :)

Anonymous said...

well said...kill them with kindness.....I am thankful for my experience and to know it is never-ending is like a...pues me da ├í keep exploring....knowing I´ll make my own mistakes and learn from them is part of the adventure, and having peeps care enough to share their insight with me, regardless of its similarity or difference-THAT is wealth!
good advice to post w-o reading the hate first-just avoid it....oh man, I do the same thing on the OCR website...wait for the anti-immigrant tiger to pounce...
question for anonymous: do you think Chicanos should all share the same opinions just because they are Chicanos? I think I would be pissed if they were all "viva la Raza" on the air, and then turned around and made some public statement against illegal Mexican opposed to them saying it how they called it, and thereby, indirectly inviting himself to be challenged....

Anonymous said...

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