Thursday, July 02, 2009


It never ends really. The hate from others. True hate. Not discontemp
or malice, but hate. Hodio. I see it online all the time and have
never experienced it personally. I'm thankful for that but others
aren't. They have died because of the hate people have for
undocumented residents, themselves and anyone else better off than
them really. Hate comes from with in whether it's taught, seen or

It knows no boundries and can penetrate the furthest levels of our
being. I see the hate online and I'll admit, it gets too be too much
sometimes. When you see 76 people leaving their hate rants on stories,
one can't help but feel as if the comments are personal attacks on
ones being, family and friends.

I leave comments countering their hate but sometimes I ask myself if
it'll make a difference, dropping a penny in a well of hate. It does
make a difference. It may be hard to deal with the hate, but through
understanding and conversation we can adress it. Look at it and do
something about it. Really all that hate stems from somewhere deep in
that person.

A certain unhappyness and vindictiveness over powers them. If they can
be happy why should someone else right ? It's sad to know there are
people out there. I don't wish them harm because I understand things
better than they can. It's in that understanding that I'm able to
tolerate hate from others. I'm human and I tend to hate from time to
time, but I do my best to place myself back into place. There's enough
hate out there as it is. If I can bring joy to anyone any how, well
then, things are looking up.

~ con safos ~