Thursday, July 30, 2009

[Insert sad break up song here]

No I'm not going to write what happened you weirdos. There's enough
novelas out there. Or better yet go watch that movie 500 days of
summer and you'll know exactly what happened. But anyway yes I'm alone
again yes it sucks and yes I'm depressed now so fuck off. Course
that's not how life works. Stupid life for jerking my chain around and
then showing me that when a window closes a door opens.

On my way back home a man ask me if the goldline would take him to
Orange county. I explain to himthe logistics of his trek andwe get to
talkin'. Turns out he moved back to L.A. after going through a divorce
with his wife. Turns out that while he was on vacation visiting the
Phillipins (sp) she found some other other vato and screwed him over.
He has two kids and after that shit happened he went into horrible
depression. So bad he had to take meds.

He said that when he first came to L.A. He got a job working at a 7-11
working 14 hr days 6 days a week. He gotpetitioned and got his papers.
I didn't know 7-11 did that. So he went back to his country to
regroup, got a life going over there again and found someone else. The
same thing happened over there too but this time around his wife got
the sancho to beat him to death. Least he tried after he showed me the
stitches scar from him hair line.

The while time I was trying to help him find bus routes to his friends
house in OC so he could get there. Because he said he was from
Washington I thought he was an out of towner, which he was because he
didn't know how to get there so I helped him. That's how I got to know
him. We got as far as union station because the last metro link to the
oc left for the day. Customer service sucks in the evening cause
everyone goes home and if you are lost you are FUCKED. In the end he
ended going back to his house and not visiting his friend, but he's
looking for work. He's trying to make it own his own again. Rebuilding
his life for the third time.

He thanked me for helping him and said he got lucky for meeting the
right person. In our little adventure 3 more people asked me for help
or change to get home. Seems everyone needs help finding and getting
home. I'm still digesting what happened to me today. Life went from
another regular day to shit to back to normal again. It's weird
because I didn't think twice about helping the guy. I know what it's
like to be lost and looking for directions so I sypathize with him and

It's weird to hear how this man has gone through soo much and hasto
rebuild his life for the 3rd time, yet I haven't even tried doing it
once. I suck. But that's a whole nother rant. Point is no matter how
bad things get, life goes on if yiu want it to go on. It's what you
make of it really. It's funny cause when he told me his story he said
he had the saddest story ever and I grinned and chuckled saying "I
don't know about that. I think I may have you beat on that one hahaha"
So yeah. Something for me to realize and think about. If R can do it
with good old fashion hard work why can't I ? I have no excuse for not
doing it ? After all he went through, he still stands on his own two
feet. A man if I ever met one.
~ con safos ~