Friday, March 27, 2009

Casual meetings

Today I'm on a class field trip to see history. This is for my chicano
studies class about modern Mexican art and murilsm and we're on our
way to see a magnificent work by one of the big three, orosco.

So after going to one of our class mates house and grubbing on
chilaquiles we made our way. Sitting in the car I get to know some of
my fellow class mates and I end up meeting another DREAMer.

"PNY" was brought here at the age of one and like the rest of us,
she's waiting for the DREAM Act to come to fruition. It was introduced
I to the senate yesterday. I tell her that in just like and tell her
about all the thousands of other students blogging and doing their
part fighting for their dream. We have a lot in common but I'm trying
to convince her to learn everything she can from her mother.

She says she knows a ton of traditional remedies and herbilogy and
it's all passed down from generation to generation. I stress to her
that these are the things that make us who we are, our traditions. We
have to know where we came from in order to know where we're going.

She got the point and says she'll try and learn it, even though she's
still hesatent. She's young and full of energy. She knows a lot and is
really involved, but I gave her a few emails and web sites that she
didn't know about that will help her and her crew. Meeting fellow
DREAMers is always a rare treat. Now that I know I'm gonna help her
out because united we sad and divided we fall.
~ con safos ~