Thursday, March 19, 2009

My google readers

Just for fun I plugged in my blog and to my surprise, there's 48 following me on their readers. Sweet. That means that there's 48 people out there who read my gibberish almost on a daily basis. I know some of those are friends checking up on me to make sure I don't trash talk them, JACKIE, but there others I have no idea who you are. So leave a comment or give a shout out if you haven't already. Also, the other blog I contribute to has 125 subscribers, me being one of them. I have 26 people following me on twitter and I have 80 contacts on my phone. I know so many people, yet I hardly talk to all of them. Goes to show you how disconnected we really are. And that's not including myspace and facebook.   


_Jackie_ said...


Unknown said...

LOL... soo true though.. we really pass things by on a daily basis

Jose Arellano said...

im a frequent reader. first stumbled upon the "el chavo" blog and found my way to this blog. i check the site when ever i get on my computer (3-4 a week?)

keep up the good work man.

and good luck with the dream
if you care to look at who is reading your blog

El Random Hero said...

thanks Jose

Anonymous said...

Hola Random hero :-)